By Laura Marshall and Helen Marshall

book-marketing-oprah-285x300In The Principals of a Book Marketing Plan we took you through the three principals behind developing a marketing plan – time vs. quality vs. money, SMART goals, and the 5 Ws. Now that you know the principals behind creating a marketing plan, here are some tips for success.

  1. Spend 80% of your time and resources doing the things you know you can succeed at and 20% of your time and resources shooting for the top.
  2. It is often more effective to do several smaller things than one large thing.
  3. Instead of trying to reach a wide audience, choose a definable and reachable audience segment.
  4. Develop a hook or overall theme for your marketing efforts.
  5. Start with your fan base (friends, family, readers) and then expand. Don’t focus solely on new readers.
  6. Always be friendly, courteous, respectful and attentive. You never know who you are talking to or who is listening.
  7. Know when to be quiet.
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