Written by Laura and Helen


Laura’s a sweet-talking, book-pushing redhead with a heart of gold. Helen’s a verb-slinging, comma-killing master of the manuscript.

Why do we want to write a blog? Because we have spent far too many late nights with a bottle of wine thinking about by-lines, log-lines, tag lines, #hashtags, font sizes, margin sizes, cover flaps, head shots, webpages, book trailers, contests, gimmicks, gimmicks that don’t look like gimmicks, rejection letters, punctuation, marketability, editability.

And how to make money at it.

Because we love books. Because we sniff books when we get them off fresh from the packing crates. Because we run our fingers over well-placed spot UV and when we go to a Chapters we turn face-out the books we love so that others will find them.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to show you what we do. All of it. The hard-fought battles that you never get to see because you never should see them. The bitter struggles over the placement of a comma, the choosing of an adjective, the posing of an author shot.

We will show you what we hate.


We will show you what we love.


We won’t ever tell you we are right, though we will always, always believe deep down in our hubris-y little hearts that we are and that we know more than you.

That’s it. That’s what we’re going to do. One of us is an editor. One of us is a marketer. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we hate each other’s breathing guts. But we’re throwing the doors open and showing you what exactly it is that keeps us up late at night.

We hope you enjoy the ride. We don’t care if you enjoy the ride. We know that we will.

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