As many of you know, in January Helen will be leaving the land of ice and snow to start her post-doc at Oxford University. And what’s more, today she turns the big 3-0! Helen and I have lived together (on and off) for the past 8 years and it’s been one hell of an adventure. And while she won’t be moving for a few months yet, I already miss her.

So I’ve put together a list of the top 10 things I will miss about living with Helen.

10. Spending Saturday mornings chatting with her about writing, publishing, love and life over a cup of coffee.



9. Deciding to blow off a day of work to see a movie in the afternoon.



8. “De-briefing” with her after a fantastic convention or party about all the amazing and funny things that happened.



7. Spending a day creating a book trailer or website or some other awesome project.

book trailer


6. Her sense of adventure. Without her I would never have gone rock climbing or used a jet pack.

hydro sisters


5. Telling her all the things that I can never tell anyone else.



4. Reminding her NOT to tell those things to other people.

blabber mouth


3. Celebrating every little accomplishment or victory with steak and margaritas.



2. When I’m having a rough day and she tells me “it’s okay, you’re awesome!”



1. Hearing the sentence “Laura, what about a story where…”


Happy birthday, Helen! Best. Sister. Ever.


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